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Teflon cables Canada

Teflon is a unique product that was developed by the organization "Dupont," in 1938. Teflon as an insulator is very reliable in hook-up wire and mil-spec wiring applications, but is best known for its ability to perform in high-temperature settings reliably. Unlike the silicone alternatives, Teflon wire and cable can withstand up to 450°C consistently. This durability is only possible because the fiberglass is created using a Teflon high-temperature finish. This is how many of the TGGT, TCGT and MGT constructions generate their durability, but also lose their flexibility.

Teflon has a wide range of different applications, and as discussed before, they're typically used in general hook-up wire, military, or high-temperature applications. The durability is the most desirable factor about these cables as they're able to survive in temperatures reaching up to 450°C. Generally, the Teflon is used in applications that require heat resistance, corrosion resistance and friction or wear resistance. Some applications that Teflon is relied on for are automation and robotics, air conditioning, navigation, power steering and heated seats within automobiles. With strong, durable constructions, Teflon insulated wire and cable is ready to take on any even the demanding application setting.