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When it comes to high-performance applications, even the conventional CAT 7 cables made with HDPE insulation, do not perform impressively at a relatively lower bandwidth of 600 MHz. Large bend radius and the high thickness of the insulation limit the commercial viability of the product as well. The aforementioned limitations of conventional LAN cable and optical fiber can be eliminated with a simple change in the material of the insulation.

LAN cables insulated with Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP) warrant a VoP of a whopping 90% and have a much higher lifespan. Modified FEP has a dielectric constant of less than 1.5 that ensures minimum attenuation losses and eliminates crosstalk. Also, the thickness of the LAN cable required is lower than polyethylene, which further ensures low bend radius of the product and makes installation of the cables easier..