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FEP Wires Exporters in Canada

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FEP Wires - Exporters From Canada

FEP Wires Canada

Wires are sold per meter in increments of 1m (3.28 ft) as one length. If you order 10 x 1 meter you will get 10 meters of continuous cable. I also have pre made spools in increments of 30m (98.43 ft) or 75m (246.06 ft) for you to choose from with some savings if you buy bulk.

Our high quality 24 AWG FEP flexible wires were made to bring you something that is very flexible, long lasting, and designed for motion systems in mind. FEP (Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene) or Heluflon is a variation of Teflon which was invented by DuPont. It is commonly used as the insulation and jacket for wires because it carries many excellent characteristics sought after for motion systems. FEP also exhibits outstanding resistance to chemicals, has a wide temperature range and excellent electrical properties.